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Hi, im a recently new player to Elsword, and i was wondering how one gets more El Shards, which are used for attribute enchanting your. Title is self explanatory, was planning on making a How to make money guide on elsword and this was the only thing im stumped on, is there a. i always just end up with a bunch after leveling lower lvl characters but you can buy them via alchemists ^This. I spam PvP so I end up buying.

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What are the best ways to get El Shards now that we don't have Halloween event to dismantle Avatar stuff any longer (and I used up all of them)?. El Shards. From Elwiki. Redirect page. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Redirect to: Elements. Retrieved from. Attributing is done by using El Shards, which come in seven types: Fire, two, once weapons are level 40+ or 70+, 3 or 4 elements become available. attack power, like Elsword, Veteran Commanders, and Void Princesses.

Discussion on Infinite El Shard within the Elsword forum part of the Make the enchantment with a weapon lv1, you will have 11 El Shard. Sorry, haven't had time to update this list yesterday. Don't need 10% Attack Speed Bottom and the second 29 bottom no longer. I don't think it's. I tried to reload game restart but still won't let me buy EL shards I can buy other stuff not not EL shards. Is there something I have to do just to buy one? Also can't .

If you like opening IBs you'll probably get alot of extra IB costumes that These are all really popular effects that only El shards can give you!. elsword NA: el shards price water nature light dark wind just go to spar and make a room I'm pretty sure someone people would sell it. If you mean by fire shards do you mean El shard(fire) you can only get them from El Shard (mystery) you will need to buy a El shard solver then use the solver on.

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See more 'Elsword' images on Know Your Meme! Elsword - Shut up and take my El Shards. Like us on Facebook! How do we get in? Storm Area CEm is basically this, she uses her codes to make new nasods and she tries to . El shards flood out and quite literally knock Elsword off his feet like one of. But, also work on saving some El Shards. It looks like pvp matchmaking is solely based off your pvp rank. Also, don't forget you can buy PvP Sparring Stones to. Get these beautiful Sapphire Accessories that go really well with the Glacial . ( better chance to get Mystery El Shards, Magic Stones, and Magic Amulets), plus. The synopsis and storyline of Elsword are very similar to Grand Chase and at He and his followers had become corrupted and no longer acknowledge Eve. She decides to follow the red-haired boy and his friends to find the El Shards. Elsword Online Shards from Dismantling Perma Costumes by Zeikai Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about how many shards you can get by dismantling perma. K-ching = 5 El Shards = $1 = about 1mil (Credits to razerbubble). Ain's 3rd job path's backstory will literally be that he poked a dark El shard and While looking for a way to get more, he learned that ingesting Dark El could. The list of classes and characters in South Korean MMORPG D side scrolling Elsword, Elsword is the leader of the El search party and is now searching the land for Also, getting hit while in Destruction Mode causes Elsword to Stoic Break, . he met Elsword, whom he later joined with to find the missing El Shards . Read Chapter 25 from the story Lost Between Time (An Elsword x Reader Story) by WinterWolf All we need to do is get enough shards of El to power it. I guess selling orb pouches from El Shards for a +8 amulet, and farming Henir set makes me a casher in