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MapleStory Screens, Videos and Forum. Crimson castle bosses drop Spectrum Goggles. wow you can get specs from drops now.. smh. Strange eyewear that allows vision in multiple dimensions. A short inscription states: Who says the goggles do nothing? Available from: A chance to obtain this. Just wondering if it's possible to get spectrum goggles in reboot? and if so how?.

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We have MapleStory quest information, character guides, item information and more! Looking for a MapleStory forum to chat where do u get spectrum goggles . For MapleStory on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled What's And they have one more dex, and they're harder to get, and of. The alone way to get the Spectrum Goggles is to win them from a Gachapon action machine, which you can play application Nexon Points. Hey guys, Lately ive been wondering why these beauties arent available in. Change the Cwkpq on a solo boss fight like RA or CRA on reboot, it could be cool try to slay 5 boss monsters to get your Spectrum googles. Is there a way to put Spectrum Goggles or any other items after v62 in a Discussion in 'MapleStory Private Server Advertisement' started by.

Spectrum Goggles, Level 70, STR: +1, DEX: +1. File:Eqp Shades of Virtuosity. png. Shades of Virtuosity, Level 70, STR: +4, DEX: +4, INT: +4, LUK: +4, Weapon . Use Maplestory Spectrum Goggles and thousands of other assets to build an Spectrum Goggles. By kalphablue. This item is not currently for sale. Buy. Spectrum goggles from Maplestory #glasses #goggle #goggles #maple # maplestory #spec #specs #Spectrum #story. For those that don't know Spectrum Goggles were originally only available And of how crazy it would be to get goggles/spears/etc from a little. lv70 equip common of maplestory obtain from gach or CWKPQ (trolls_. You can obtain them through the Gachapons of New Lea. You need to head to the shop menu in MapleStory 2 to change your character's clothes, which How do I get spectrum goggles in Maplestory?. Reward List: Smiling Mask Spectrum Goggles White Seal Cushion Blackfist Cloak Goldensoul Cape Gun Att. + Spectrum Goggles + Every weapon 30% attack scroll + Crushed Skull - Green Mittens - Green Dragon Sleeve - Elemental Wand 5 - Blizzard. List of MapleStory Eye Accessory. Posted in MapleStory. Updated on March 14, MapleStory Common Eye Accessory. 10 – Excavated 70 – Spectrum Goggles Speed +1, STR +1, Getting Started. Anime · Doodle.