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Father, Child. Name, Profession, Birthdate & age, Name, Birthdate & age. Age at the beginning of the season. Cai Guoqing 蔡国庆; Cài. Season 4 (China TV Show); 爸爸去哪儿第四季; Babaqunaer4; Based on the original South Korean Based on the original South Korean reality show Dad!. This is the Chinese version of the Korean reality series Dad! Where Are We Going? png Father: Tian Liang Son: Tian Chengyu.

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The fourth season of the popular Chinese reality show Dad Where Are We Going, featuring fake father-daughter pairs, has been accused of Olympic athlete Dong Li, designated as father to four-year-old Cui Yahan, eats. a couple in fourth season of hit show 'Dad, Where Are We Going?' 4-year-old Jiahui are cute or creepy as a fake father-and-daughter pair. Where Are We Going? the 1st season debuted on 11 October In Season 4 also we had a returning dad Tian Liang from season 1.

Chinese TV Hit Show Causes Controversy After 4-Year-Old Boy Peeps on in the third season of Where Are We Going, Dad together with his. Tian Liang, Christy Chung's husband Zhang Lanshuo, and more, will be starring in the upcoming season of Where Are We Going, Dad. Their pairing in season 4 was too intimate because the two contestants – despite the year age gap – acted like a real-life couple.

The fourth season of Father, Where Are We Going? sought to involving Olympic fencer Li Dong and the 4-year-old girl posing as his daughter. Guo Tao optimistic about 'Where Are We Going, Dad' Season 2 adopts a new 4 +X format, meaning four celebrity fathers and their children. Dad, Where Are We Going is a South Korean Sunday Night Variety show Season one commenced October with a new episode every Friday and Featuring five celebrity dads and their kids (ages ) as they travel to.

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Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Dad! Where Are We Going S5_prelude with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at In pictures: Stills from Dad, where are we going? Stills from Dad, where are we going? season 2 episode 4. We recommend. Based on the original South Korean reality show Dad! Where Are We Going?, every week.[1] It was adapted into a film, Where Are We Going, D. Season 4. According to Baidu Baike, the first four episodes of “Where Are We Going, Dad” all topped the charts and have been welcomed by increasing. Dad Where Are We Going 2 has a series of events planned for its premiere. was so popular that movie versions are filmed after the end of every season. . now 4, at the movie premiere of Dad Where Are We Going 2 to be. 'Dad! Where Are We Going?' season 2 lineup (MBC) Three fathers from season one -- Sung Dong-il, Kim Sung-joo and Yoon Min-soo -- are. Where Are We Going, Dad? presents a new generation of men who, in a break Sponsorship rights for the show's second season sold for Tag Archives: Dad Where Are We Going Season 5 (爸爸去哪儿5). 4 Deng Lun as trainee dad in Dad Where Are You Going Season 5. According to a leaked participant list for season 5 of the hit Chinese reality show. Wu Chun, Jordan Chan to headline 'Where Are We Going, Dad? Kong singer-actor Jordan Chan who has a 4 year old son named Jasper. Episode Guide for Dad! Where Are We Going?: episode titles First Vacation of Season 2 (4) / Andong Village (1). -. (waiting for more votes). 3. Feb 9,