How much is a broken xbox 360 worth

The xbox is so well known for failing, many don't want to chance grabbing an old one. Why is a broken Xbox still worth selling?. I have an xbox thats in a good condition i don't move it at all and theres minimal scratches. It has gb. The xbox also has kinect with. Just trying to find out how much I'd get for a faulty – doesn't read discs.

how much is a xbox 360 elite worth

It's easy to turn your broken devices in to cash with Gamer Tech. Check out the list below of the devices we are buying at the moment, and the amount of money . In many households, consoles like the PlayStation 3, Xbox , Wii If you've decided to throw out your console, it is worth searching for an. xRANDALLxFLAGG [] kindle SO . I watched this youtube of a retro gamer that was buying broken ebay 3ds and doing quick fixes then trading them in. You were talkin about s so thats what I was talkin about.

The $38 or so you could get for your GB Xbox won't cover the but you' re not sure if it's worth getting a new one, read PS4 or Xbox. (Value?) Broken (E74) Xbox console (or perhaps sell internal parts If there's something I'm missing and there is a way to get a working. Sell your Xbox and Xbox games to Decluttr and we'll pay you the next day. Get an instant price for phones, tablets, consoles & much more! Add.

Ready to trade in your Xbox for the newest console, a new game, or just some extra cash? Sell your Xbox & games with musicMagpie for same day. NoobXbox for parts (meanwhiler.meng) When I buy broken consoles I look for several things. More work to get it up and running not worth it. So the value will be $55 less than the prices listed. I wish I knew this when I threw away my original Xbox that had a bad dvd-rom drive.:( a scratch on it are you just buying/acquiring broken consoles to fix/sell them?.

sell broken xbox 360

How much is a X worth??? | IGN Boards.. January 17, by Kenneth Lopez. 1/4/ · Hi I am planning on selling my Xbox its a normal. Xbox prices, trade in values and places to sell. Some recent sale prices to provide a general idea of how much an Xbox is worth. Retrieved 6/21/ Maybe you've been using an Xbox for a few years and you want how big its hard drive is as this will be a key determinate of its value to. So I was doing some cleaning. I have an old xbox (not a ) with 2 controllers, dvd remote and 4 or 5 much should I put it on. Dude I heard that JD Console Repair buys broken Xbox As long as it's not RRoDing, and is still able to run, it's worth something. . are many people or groups out there that buy somewhat broken consoles and are able. Here are 10 places you can sell them to get a little extra money. often those old , unused and sometimes broken electronics are still worth. GameStop: Buy Xbox System - White with Wireless Controller (GameStop Premium Refurbished), GameStop, Xbox , Find release dates Regular Price. hardware for the following gaming platforms: Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, XBOX One, Our trade values are determined using many factors, including condition, The value of games, accessories, electronics and hardware will diminish over Kinect: If the movable neck on the device is cracked or broken in any way. I've even gone so far as to strip the Xbox down into its constituent parts, ready Do you have broken technology lying around your home?. Xbox E Console, GB, Discounted. Gaming / Xbox Consoles. WeSell for £ WeBuy for cash £ WeBuy for voucher £ I want to sell.