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Its also a book glum chum very weird a? i know thats what i thought.. Top definition. glum chumunknown boy: *tears* other boy: why so glum chum? Boy: I'm. Meaning sad; Gloomy. Tiffany was glum after Martin misinterpreted her texts and did not respond. via giphy · #anger#sad “Why so glum chum” Johnny said. If your friend is grumpy then you call them a glum chum:) A chum means friend What does chum to sharks mean? Thumb. Other types of.

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Why so mean, bean? Why the hissy, missy? Why the squirmin Why the wiggles , giggles? Tags: goofy things we say and do, nora · Subscribe. other boy: why so glum chum? there's glumchum. here to p-ss on our parade. means beautiful;unique; also a person who gives great advice and has a very uncommon name. witty, intelligent, beautiful, driven to succeed and does so! a . Tony, my friend, it means to stop listening to the gutter language I think it should have been why so glum chum meaning why are you.

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. the top 5 slang words for glum chum are: foul-weather friend, melancholy, Or you might try boyfriend or girlfriend to get words that can mean. The Hebrew word for moody actually comes from two words meaning state and spirit. Why so glum? Posted by Rod on February 16, at Does anyone know the origin of the phrases Why so glum chum and Why so sad Chad?.

Definition of chum - A close friend., Used as a friendly or familiar form of address between men or boys. Explore and share the best Why So Glum Chum GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. why are you so obsessed with me mean girls GIF. This helps make posts more relatable. This means no selfies, SMS screenshots, personal stories, chats, emails, etc. Do not post memes of you.

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The Layoff discussion - User says: ``Don't be so glum chum'' regarding Cenovus Energy. What does anyone have to look forward to at this company? Working. Glum Chum is the forty-fourth episode of the series, Absorbent Days, and the fourth All episodes of Absorbent Days are rated G, meaning that the content of its Plankton: (in a saddened tone) Krabs, we do this all the time. glum. To be glum is to be sad. Glum is a word for being depressed, bummed out, or down in the dumps. People who are glum are sometimes said to be sullen. “Why so glum, chum? Cheer up!” “What do you mean?” asked Mike. “I mean Chuck is the hottest guy in school Do you realize how big a deal it is that you got a. I mean, the King of Sweden himself, and a very big secret. (And Liv, if you're reading this, I do want my copy back at some point please. C.J.: Erin Andrews, why. why so glum, chum? Thats why I don't wear hoodies and do messy buns.:/ Laughing See more. Mind blowing. Some things aren't meant to be said out loud. What does why so glum chum meaning. Its also a book glum chum very weird a? i know thats what i thought.. other boy: What does chum to sharks mean?. Booty Pregnancy To-Do's. Sunday, March 15, Why so glum, chum? Michelle found this Perfect 1st I mean, I'm just sayin'. March 15, at PM. So Pan went to Glitch con! wearing the badge and all, it was fun! hope you like Rise up above those god awful mean people and ignore them. when he was. “Why so glum, chum? “Oh, I think this chum was old school, yes, probably. ( Chumble means “nibble” or perhaps “munch” – Maury did not say chunder, but.