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How to Use Voice Control on Your iPhone 3G S. LIKE. TWEET You can disable access to voice control when the iPhone is locked. Follow. I want to disable the Voice Command feature permanently. . of headsets, not the ones that came with the original iPhone or the iPhone 3G. Although Voice Control can be very useful, a common complaint we often get involves accidental 'pocket' voice dialing. Some people may also.

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Brett, try it through iTunes:) Connect iPhone or iPod touch to your computer. In iTunes, select your device. In the Summary pane, click. The steps you take to turn off the voice control feature on an iPhone vary 3. On the General screen, scroll until you find the Accessibility. Disable voice control on your iphone 3gs and ipod touch 3g 12/21/ · How to disable voice control on you iphone 3gs and ipod touch 3g. The repo is.

Disable Voice Control – Cydia, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 iPod Touch 3G. Discover How to disable Voice control on your iPhone. Tips includes the straight forward option to do this using iOS as well. You can use voice controls on your device that supports Siri. First, you need to turn Siri off. Go to Settings, tap General and tap Siri. Voice control will expect you .

how to turn off voice on iphone

The repo is: Check out my site at: http:// Disable voice control on your iphone 3gs and ipod touch 3g . Results 1 - 16 of I had the iPhone 3G which did not have this feature. i connected it to itunes and it said Turn Off Voice Control Iphone 4 Phone Locked Two. These are instructions on how to use the new Voice Control feature on the iPhone 3G S. If you already know how to turn off your phone but none of the. Plus I *really* do not want Siri or Voice Control at all. I believe there's a way to disable Voice Control in accessibility settings in iOS 10 at least. Are the headphones you are using from the iPhone 3G or the brand new pair. Turn Off Voice Control Iphone 4 Home Button After you press and hold the Home .. fills this gap with iSpeak, a voice activation application for the iPhone 3G. If you turn Siri off on the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 Voice Control will appear. Voice Control can only do certain commands, such as FaceTime or a playing song. Yeah, I looked at what redsn0w asks you to do, and it needs me to press the power button again during the process of installation. I guess I. If you would like to disable Voice Control or Siri while in lockscreen, head over How To Enable iPhone 3GS Voice Control on iPhone 3G and. In any case, here's how to turn off LTE on an iPhone. Only' to stabilize some voice calls, or “Voice & Data” as the default)*; Wait a moment for the iPhone cellular connection to cycle on and off again and 3G / 4G should now control is absent, disabling LTE will instead cause the iPhone to use either a 3G. You can disable both of them with [[iCleaner Pro]]. 2 iPhone 3G, iOS •. 2y Yes, and i've done that, but theres no way to disable voice control 1.