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Alluvial gold was discovered along the banks of the Bendigo Creek in and resulted in a major gold rush. Throughout the mining history of the Bendigo goldfield in excess of 5, shafts were sunk. To experience shaft mining, Central Deborah Gold Mine is a real gold mine that. The discovery of alluvial gold by Mrs Margaret Kennedy in the Bendigo Creek in soon saw the word 'Gold' become synonymous with Bendigo. Former Central Deborah Gold Mine Manager, Ray Beer, remembered the Bendigo of his childhood as streets that literally flowed with gold.. Gold was discovered in the area in September , just after the other significant goldfields in neighbouring Castlemaine, from where.

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Mystery surrounds the first discovery of gold at Bendigo, and a rewards committee set up in was never able to make a decision between thirteen people. coverer of the Bendigo gold-field met yesterday. Line was one of a party engaged in gold digging at give information as to the discovery, and re-. This major breakthrough after discovering gold in Bendigo led to a huge gold rush to Victoria, one of the largest in the history of the world.

It is generally agreed that Mrs Margaret Kennedy and Mrs Julia Farrell, wives of workmen on the Ravenswood run, found gold at 'The Rocks'. More than $1 billion in gold has been discovered near Bendigo in a find leaders are saying could see a 21st century gold rush to central. In Bendigo, we're always raving about our gold mining history, but Bendigo isn't the only place in Australia where gold was discovered, so what's the big deal?.

But the real rush began with the discovery of the Mount Alexander goldfield 60 Between and , Bendigo produced the most gold in the world. Today. The discovery of gold in put Bendigo on the map, with 15, people moving there is just three years, drawing migrants from throughout the UK, Germany. The Bendigo goldfields petition name index. This petition was Register of gold nuggets found in Victoria From Melbourne.

Find information about gold miners, mining companies and daily life in historic towns are summarised in Flett's book The history of gold discovery in Victoria. The Bendigo goldfield registry (available online) includes. An obelisk by Bendigo Creek marks the site of the first gold discovery in and is a tribute to the pioneers. In the late spring of two women from the. Gold rushes in New South Wales and Victoria begin. The discovery of gold in the s started a series of rushes that transformed the of payable gold were at Ophir in New South Wales and then at Ballarat and Bendigo Creek in. Learn about Victoria's long history of gold discovery and mining. Over the space of one year, nearby Bendigo was transformed from a sheep. Gold found at Bendigo Creek in September According to the Bendigo Historical Society, it is generally agreed that gold was found at Bendigo Creek by . The discovery of gold in the soils of Bendigo during the s made it one of the most significant Victorian era boomtowns in Australia. It is also notable for its. When gold was first discovered in Bendigo in it sparked decades of gold mining worth billions of dollars. Central Deborah Gold Mine was one of the last. A feature of Bendigo Historic Reserve is the range of relics from Bendigo's Gold was found here in which brought an immediate influx of miners and. The wealthy Bendigo goldfields were found by a woman, Margaret Kennedy, who saw gold in the creek bed in September She and a friend washed the. Fosterville mine in Bendigo in central Victoria has begun producing a reserve Topics: gold, history, science-and-technology, bendigo