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This basic broiled top round steak makes a delicious meal with baked potatoes and your favorite steamed vegetables. Also Known As: Beef Round, Top (Inside) Round Steak; London Broil; Short Cut; create a simple marinade for Top Round Steak which helps tenderize the cut. Cooking methods that allow the round steak to cook slowly while sitting in Makes 4 servings. 1 lb ( g) top round steak, cut into 4 pieces.

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Top Round meat is usually more tender than Bottom Round cuts. Still, if you plan to grill it, it's best to cook it medium rare and slice it thinly. Salt your steak immediately before cooking with skillet on the stove top, add your cooking oil. This is a fun and easy recipe from the Beef Council that takes an inexpensive top round steak and dresses it up with a tangy lime sauce for extra flavor.

See how to cook round steak, including top-rated recipes for the slow cooker, oven, and skillet. While this means a lower fat content and fewer calories than better marbled cuts, it also means fewer good cooking options. To cook a round steak in a skillet. This Top Sirloin Steak is an easy weeknight dinner you can make on a stovetop. Sirloin is one of the best steak recipes for everyday cooking!.

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On my list of the most underrated cuts of beef, top sirloin takes the cake. Before my critics get up in arms, let me clarify: I completely understand. The term refers to meat that marinates and then sears or broils at a high heat. After years of popularity, some grocery stores do sell top-round. London Broil - Top round steak, seasoned with dry mustard, salt, pepper, and rubbed with butter, pan fried to brown, then finished in the oven if necessary with . 2 1/4 pounds thin top round steak, sliced into strips about 1/4-inch thick cast iron Dutch oven or high-sided skillet over medium-high heat and brown the meat, . This is one of my favorite recipes and I make it often. 1/2 pound beef top round steak; 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour; 1/2 teaspoon salt; 1 tablespoon canola. Lean round steak dusted with Mexican seasoning and pan-seared in a skillet. An easy recipe for a meal that. A round steak is a beef steak from the round, the rear leg of the cow. The round is divided into cuts including the eye (of) round, bottom round, and top round, The cut is often sliced thin, then dried or smoked at low temperature to make jerky . 1 beef Top Round Steak, cut 3/4 inch thick (about 1 pound); 1 pound (Do not overcook) Grill asparagus 6 to 10 minutes (over medium heat on. Top Round Steak Stir Fry is ready in 30 minutes and make for the perfect Asian themed weeknight dinner. Tender juicy beef mixed with veggies. The round steak cut contains multiple sections of the round: the top round, bottom To make the round steak tenderer, slice this cut of beef across the grain.