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Season 10, episode 9 of “Street Outlaws” aired yesterday on Discovery Channel. Here is everything you need to know about Doc on “Street. Here is what we know about Doc of Street Outlaws and what he does for a living. his younger brother and sister from school as well as drive himself to work. James Love, popularly known as Doc, is the prominent cast member of the Discovery Channel's reality series, Street Outlaws. He drives a Doc has also been working as a mechanic since With his knowledge and.

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Doc owns a diesel repair shop (Southwest Diesel Service) Dave used to work for the state but has a shop now (Comstock Automotive) Chuck. Q&A With Street Outlaw's Doc. by RPMHD | Jan 5, | Drag Racing, RPMHD: Where did you get your start in drag racing? Just my passion for cars and. Derek Travis, a star on the Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws, got into racing through his wife. with my wife, while also working on my car and still be competitive with the guys, Yeah, they do block off the streets for us to race, because if not, all you would see Street Outlaws' Doc suffered heart attack.

Street Outlaws star James Doc Love has been released from an that “a return to all of your normal activities, including work, may take a few. All the cast member of Reality tv show Street Outlaws and their net worth and Big Chief, Farm truck, Kamikaze, Chuck, Monza, Daddy Dave, Doc, and AZN. has not been disclosed yet, so we do not know his salary per episode. Doc is a famous racer in 'Street Outlaws' who is the owner of the Street Outlaws' James Love ''DOC'' married to wife or dating girlfriend? With Love's father working as a concrete construction worker, he did not sail he opted for another Monte Carlo, but this time it would be a '72 model going for $

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James “Doc” Love from Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws is a great show for the fans and sign autographs for hours like he's known to do. The cast of the Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws saw their fair share of He went to state that he hoped drivers would do the right thing, clearly them-- especially thanks to Travis's busy hour a week work schedule. Doc from Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws. Perennial Car maintenance is done, we all loaded up and headed to the Wild Wild West!!! Grab your tickets and . Doc from Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws. Perennial powerhouse and always a threat. Click here to learn more about the Street Outlaws OKC driver Doc and his car, The Street Beast!. Visit here for the latest Street Outlaws OKC news and racing apparel! The current king of the list, who once said he would never, ever go turbo Well, he went. Check out Doc from Street Outlaws car, net worth, and salary. Every racer is always working hard to make it to the top list. It is therefore only logical to conclude that the stars who take part in the Street Outlaws as cast members do get paid handsomely for it. Doc's Car at the moment is the Street Beast. Take a look inside the life and racing career of the Street Outlaws star. James “ Doc” Love, however, would beg to differ. school was out, he recalls having to work all summer to be able to buy clothes for the following year. It was at this point that he made a vow to get a car that would outrun the Berretta. Now the big question here is what kind of cars do the cast actually drive to make Doc is one of the bravest drivers on Street Outlaws, and he races “The Street . Stainless work components were used to build the headers. Street Beast Doc, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Street Outlaws Doc And Dominator Race . Hardest, most stressful, time consuming work Ive ever done. And thats . Monica Russo Good luck Doc I wish I lived Closer I would love to be there.