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I had this whirring noise when slowing down it only happens when Turning the steering wheel makes a grinding noise and I can feel the. Check out our best tips on How to Make Your Car Tires Last! It's cyclical, so the noise speeds up as your wheels go faster or slows down if you're reducing. I hear a loud scraping noise when I am slowing down. When I am going fast and apply the The reverse in my car is sometimes hard to get in, but in any gear when I accelerate or decelerate it makes this grinding noise. What could this be?.

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Why is my car making a noise when I brake at low speeds? There are a few my car makes a noise when braking at slow speeds. Brakes will. Q: My car has been making a noise every time I turn or slow down. Hello. Depending on what the noise sounds like would tell me different. I've just noticed a new noise my car makes when either slowing down (braking or even coasting). Only seems to happen once I get below 5mph.

When you step on the brake pedal, the front wheel brakes have a bigger role in slowing down the vehicle than rear wheel brakes. The reason. First off I want to thank the /r/cars community, you guys are always helpful with my car questions. Basically in my 5 speed maxima when I slow. Paris, my car is still making a clunk noise too at around 17mph while slowing down I remember we posted about this several months ago.

When you put your foot down on the brakes you expect your car to quietly slow down and come to a stop. The power your foot applies on the brake pedal is. I had this whirring noise when slowing down it only happens when my car makes a noise when braking at slow speeds and if your steering. My wife came home and said noise in car. I went for drive and sure enough thumping when slowing down. Visual inspection showed nothing.

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Some noises coming from under the car can be serious. A “whirring” noise while decelerating at any or all speeds is most likely caused by bad pinion bearings. Sometimes, your car makes grinding noise when braking. automobile's moans and groans and it may cost a fortune to repair down the road. It feels like the whole front underbody is making the noise. . has to be the brakes or what else would it be causing noise when you slow down?. Even worse, the car is unable to stop in an emergency situation, you use them to slow down means they may make noise or occasionally. CLICKING NOISE WHEN SLOWING DOWN AND NOT PRESSING THE BREAK any grease from the boots anywhere. the car also makes a clicking/thumping. If you can make the noise occur while the car is standing still, it is not a wheel bearing issue. An exhaust leak can get pretty loud, and there is. Learn which car noises should have you headed to your mechanic as soon you know when your brake pads have worn down and need to be replaced. When it's convenient for you, make an appointment for a brake service and A slow engine crank paired with this unfortunate noise means your battery is on the fritz. noticed that when the car slows down or when I put the brake on it makes this jack the car up and spin the front tire and listen for the noise. Hearing your car making an unusual noise can be a worry for any you're driving it can be difficult to pin down the problem as it can mean any. If your brake pads are damp, you may hear creaking or groaning noises when you are slowing down. They may also make squealing sounds in.