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We thought that Pokémon Go had done a good job of bringing Pokémon into the real world, but it turns out someone else did it first — and way. The popularity of Pokemon continues to grow, and creatures like Pikachu are a household name. Some of those little critters are so darn huggable that fans often . What Pokémon would look like in real life. By: Mónica López - 10 May , Compartir en Facebook. Pokémon is a media franchise managed by The.

pokemon in real life

Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world with these real-life Pokémon?. What would we do if Pokemon were real? It's a question every kid with a Gameboy and a heart full of dreams has asked at some point. Ever wanted to see what Charizard would look like if he were roaming your local hiking trail? How about Eevee on your living room floor? If so.

How about collecting photos of what Pokemon would look like in real life? Some of these guys actually seem to exist in the real world as real. This Guy Made Real-Life Pokémon and They Look Creepy and Real as Hell to consider how absolutely unsettling most of our favorite monsters would look in real life. the infrastructure in New York isn't prepared to handle abuse like that. Ever wanted to see Pokemons redesigned with a more realistic and fearsome look? Here is our selection of Pokemon characters, (re)designed by great artists.

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art that shows us what a few of the Pokémon creatures would look like if they existed in the real world. He calls the series Pokémon Zoology. I've often wondered what my buddy in Pokémon GO would look like in real-life as it follows me around the park looking for more Pokémon to. I can't be alone in wondering what it would be like to encounter a Pokémon in real life. I'd want to capture it, but not to pit it against other. It is impossible to predict what Pikachu would look like in real life, and here is why: Going from detailed to basic is easy, but going from basic to. Concept artist, Joshua Dunlop, embarked on a side project to illustrate what 11 of his favourite Pokemon would look like if they were real life. Here's What Pokemon Would Look Like If They Were Real who exist in our real world, and their realistic versions look strange but still cute. In my opinion it's Greninja. The thing would look like a bloated corpse. Sickly pale blue skin, warts and bumps everywhere, skeletal limbs. If you grew up or even were alive in the 90's, Pokémon was part of your life in some way, shape or form. These little pocket monsters have been lighting up. If Pokemons Were Real People Pokemon Comics, Pokemon Fan, Geek Art, Nerd Geek. Read it. What Pokemon Would Look Like If They Were Humans. So I found some art of how some Pokemon would look like if they existed in real life, this was made by artist Joshua Dunlop and they look quite.