How many golf balls can fit in a bus

How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?. Job: Product Manager. Answer: This is one of those questions Google asks just to see if the. There is an objective answer to the question how many golf balls can fit in a double decker bus and while I suppose you could call it trivial. Quite a few of them are confoundedly difficult (e.g. how many piano tuner rides to work every day, it would be half , golf balls.

how many balls can fit in a room

Learn how to answer the pirates and gold coin problem solving interview question and find a list of similar Goldman Sachs or Google interview questions. Interesting question! I am assuming the values of the size of the bus and golf ball here. Assuming the size of the bus to be 35 ft X ft X ft. By design, the question is meant to be difficult to answer. Virtually no applicant will know how much space there is inside a school bus, and the use of golf balls.

I figure a standard school bus is about 8ft wide by 6ft high by 20 feet long inches into million and you come up with , golf balls. Case Interview Question # How many golf balls can you fit into a the key challenge to solving the problem. yellow school bus golf ball. Why I ask 'how many golf balls fit on a bus?' on job interviews How many fashion items can be indexed in RAM on an AWS mxlarge.

'How Many Golf Balls Can You Fit in a School Bus?' and Other Brain Teaser This question lets you show the interviewer how you can explain. What kind of aircraft. Would the plane be empty or full (seats etc). I would need a lot more detail before I could answer that. Not to mention what sort of golfball. Depends how big the school bus is, for simplicity, lets say its the small bus that can fit 20 + 1 people. You have to take account of the empty space as well.

That's in a bus without any seats, and you have to take off some balls for the air space that would be present between. So let's reduce the final. From my perspective, I can kind of see it both ways. obviously junk and throwing out as many of the “not a good fit” applications as possible. I told them that more information is needed for a more accurate answer. However, based on just that specific question, my answer was to first define the solution. Impossible question:“How many golf balls can fit in an average bus? Impossible question: “How much would you charge to wash every. Google is known for asking incredibly difficult questions of its job seekers. Business Insider recently compiled a list of the 15 hardest questions. You have to make assumptions: lets say the bus is 10m long, m tall, 2m wide = 10*2*=48cubic meter lets say a ball is cm in diameter, this means you. Interview question for Mechanical many golf balls can fit in a bus?. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? 13/ You have two eggs and get access to a story building. I did not come across many difficulties but I had to watch many YouTube videos I learned that around a million golf balls can fit inside a bus. The following are examples of sizing questions: “How many rounds of golf are played in the U.S. annually?” “How many baseballs would fit into a Boeing ?”.