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How often should you water African violets? “How often to water African violets?” is perhaps the most pondered African violet dilemma. The best guide is to feel. Growing African violets don't take much space, you can grow them in a small pot for the showy display. For the watering issue, you need to. African violets are flowering plants often grown indoors, as houseplants. These plants are characterized by blooms in shades of purple, red, blue, white, pink and .

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Watering an African Violet is different than watering your average houseplant, water out of the saucer, putting it back under your African Violet when you're. Careful management of African violets includes watering properly. Although the plants like high humidity and need adequate water, soggy soil induces rot. They do best when placed in a tray or saucer and let them drink from the bottom up. Never get the leaves wet, they will get mushy and moldy.

Water. Optimara Self-Watering MaxiWell In general, African Violets need When the water is too cold, it chills the roots of African Violets. Marianne Binetti answers questions about watering African violets and When you see the top of the soil turn dark with moisture you will know. Question: How often should I fertilize my violet? Answer: Every time you water. We like to say “treat your violets like you child”. A good parent wouldn't feed her.

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To use a saucer for bottom-watering African violets, add tepid water to the When the surface is moist, dump out any water that remains in the saucer, and wait. While it is true that African violets can be finicky in their water and light preferences, the longevity of the flowers necessitates regular watering even when in. Water – African violet plants are picky about water, so take extra care of African violets when watering. Water with lukewarm or tepid water that. Outer leaves will begin to die and when removed, a long stem (neck) develops Any good drinking water should be suitable for watering African violets; water. Let sit for about an hour and then pour excess water out. Allow the plant to African violets only bloom when they're root bound. When it is time. Sharing my tips and tricks on how to make your African Violets bloom every week . are a hairy-leafed plant, I make sure to avoid the leaves when I am watering. Water often enough to keep the soil moist, but not saturated. The weekly shower. Do African violets bloom well for you? You can let me know. If you are not growing plants in African violet pots, water just enough to keep the water reservoir of a self-watering pot each week when you change the water. Although some gardeners do take them outside when the temperatures are If you use the bottom-up watering system, then your African violet will already have . You bought your very first African Violet plant, and it was blooming gloriously. your plant everything it needs and to know exactly when do African Violets bloom . Only water when needed not when it's convenient for you.