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Demolition of migrant camps and changes to rules concerning who can access support has left many migrants in Italy on the streets. Italy has become one of the main gates of entry into the EU for refugees and no deal involving other Member States sharing the burden of the refugee crisis. Europe migrant crisis A migrant centre on the Italian island of Sicily which had been one of the largest of its kind in Europe has been officially.

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Migration crisis: the new routes to Europe The Italian government has introduced a new security decree that would mean non-governmental. This led to a policy of forcibly returning to Libya boat migrants intercepted by the Italian coast guard at sea. Shifting Tides: Lampedusa, Matteo Salvini and the Italian Migrant Crisis. Following the recent EU elections, the island of Lampedusa returns to.

Rob Noble considers what can be done on local and international levels to help solve the migrant crisis. Italy is at breaking point. It has asked the EU to help. Since the crisis, the EU has stepped up efforts to halt migration, heading from Libya to Spain instead of Italy, for example, after Italy's. However, if you scrutinise the Italian and Spanish coastguards' twitter accounts, you may conclude that the migrant crisis has ceased to be a.

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THE European Union risks “imploding” because of its failure to solve the migration crisis, exacerbated in recent months by Italy's refusal to offer. The Italian government has allowed two groups of refugees and migrants to disembark in Italy despite the country's closed ports policy, after. Three young North Africans survive the hazardous journey to Italy only to 17 Apr GMT Refugee Crisis, Italy, Poverty & Development, Europe East, migrants and refugees will try and seek a better life in Europe. Italy's hardline policies on migrants and refugees is not a good deal for anyone. Things are likely to take a turn for the worse as the European. Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini accused France on Tuesday of destabilizing and impoverishing parts of Africa and subsequently. Spain rejects French-German plan to tackle Mediterranean migration crisis Spain took in the Aquarius, a migrant ship rejected by Italy and. ROME, Italy – The International Organization for Migration (IOM), the United Nations Somali Displacement Crisis Information Sharing Portal- Refugees in the. Migrant arrivals to Italy have almost dried up, new asylum requests across the On the face of it, Europe's migrant crisis appears over, but the. Rome has blocked the entry of Italian and German vessels carrying more The Italian government on Friday refused to allow two migrant rescue . Keywords migrant boats, Italian migrant crisis, Libya, migrant rescue ship. To tell the story of Libya's escalating migration crisis, one must weave together in Italy since the start of last year, exacerbating a massive refugee crisis already.