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triage definition: 1. the process of quickly examining patients who are taken to a hospital in order to decide which ones are the most seriously ill and must be. Triage is the process of determining the priority of patients' treatments based on the severity of The term comes from the French verb trier, meaning to separate, sort, sift or select. Triage station, Suippes, France, World War I. Modern medical. Triage definition: Triage is the process of quickly examining sick or injured people, for example after an | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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Triage definition is - the sorting of and allocation of treatment to patients and especially battle and disaster victims according to a system of priorities designed to. Grouping patients based on the severity of their injuries and the likelihood of their survival is called triage. In a triage situation, urgent cases are seen by doctors. Definition of triage in the meanwhiler.me dictionary. Meaning of triage. Information and translations of triage in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions.

Triage: The process of sorting people based on their need for immediate medical treatment as compared to their chance of benefiting from such care. Triage is. Learn medical triage terminology including color code tags and START (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment). The word triage comes from the French word trier, which means to sort or select. Its historic roots for medical purposes go back to the days of.

triage: This definition explains what triage is and where the term comes from. We also discuss various types of triage in business and IT, including email triage. Triage definition, the process of sorting victims, as of a battle or disaster, to determine medical priority in order to increase the number of survivors. See more . Triage is a word that has been in use since the s, which some may find surprising. We will examine the meaning of the word triage, where it came from and.

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Define triaging. triaging synonyms, triaging pronunciation, triaging translation, English dictionary definition of triaging. n. 1. A process for sorting injured people . Define triaged. triaged synonyms, triaged pronunciation, triaged translation, English dictionary definition of triaged. n. 1. A process for sorting injured people into. When a natural disaster occurs, how do medical professionals decide who to help first? This lesson will explain the triage process, which. triage definition: The definition of triage is a medical process where patients are sorted according to their need for care and the likely benefit that care will provide . Triage also has this meaning: the determination of priorities for action in an emergency. So, if I was to triage an issue, I would just determine. Definition of triage: A system, frequently used at medical facilities, wherein people seeking care are ranked according to the severity of their injuries or. The word triage originated in the French language and means to select or sort. The French trace the meaning and use of the word back to the. The legal definition of Triage is To sort or choose, especially as a process used to determine the urgency or need for emergency care based on a preliminary. In hospital emergency departments, triage is done by a specialised triage nurse as soon as possible after a patient arrives. Patients are allocated a triage. Triage by definition must eliminate some of the time-consuming steps seen in best practices processes. For example, a software development.