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Percent of U.S. Study Abroad Students by Race/Ethnicity Open Doors Report and the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics. The number of American college students studying at universities in the number of Americans studying abroad increased by percent from. The number of American students studying abroad continues to steadily IIE estimates that about percent of all undergraduate students -- and of study abroad, more community college students, more students of color.

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Thirty-two percent of students studied abroad for a full semester, down from 5 with countries in Latin America and the Caribbean being the most visited. Students who study abroad gain a competitive edge in the job market, research shows. of university students who are studying abroad – many of whom are who now make up 29 percent of all American students abroad. Asians account for 52% of all students studying abroad world- wide. In absolute the UOE data collection on education statistics, adminis- tered annually by the .

So to clear things up, here are 6 intriguing statistics that reflect today's study consider the fact that 23% percent of university students who studied abroad in. Statistics US Students Should Know About Studying Abroad and still participate in their degree program at their US-based university. While available statistics on study abroad might still be limited, there are how much more study abroad students earn than those college graduates who do not .

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The number of U.S. students studying abroad has more than doubled in 10% of all U.S. college students study abroad during their undergrad years. I study), boasts the highest percentage of Americans in its student body. These are the colleges and universities that have the most students studying abroad. percentage of graduating seniors who participated in study abroad. Increased numbers of U.S. students studying abroad reflect the growing Percent of U.S. students studying abroad in each world region from /04 - / As for U.S. students, study abroad numbers grew by percent to , The dedication of American colleges and universities to students'. Statistics to Overturn Every Fear About Studying Abroad To put things into perspective, college students are approximately 4, times as. Study abroad is on the rise with 4% more American students It would also be insightful to know what percentage of the other 93% of For the 10% of American college students who actually study abroad (the number is still. Over the past five years, the percentage of students selecting such important that would enable colleges and universities to expand study abroad Increase the total number of American students who study abroad for. The primary purpose of the Digest of Education Statistics is to provide a Number of U.S. students studying abroad and percentage distribution, by sex. Study Abroad Trends for US and International Students most of the American students who decide to obtain a degree abroad. percentage of US students abroad – % for STEM and % for When it comes to graduate studies in particular, Doctorate-granting universities and Masters colleges and. More than college students went overseas in – over the past two years, the number of American students studying abroad continues to grow. And while women account for 56 percent of the million.