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Custom vinyl record. € Custom made 10 inch Vinyl Record Available in black, white and transparent 20 minutes of music (10 min per side) Design your own. and packaging with no minimum order! Other services include full service vinyl record pressing and record packaging. Quality Made Custom Vinyl Records. Making vinyl records is hard work. Follow along as we learn how vinyl records are made with the masters at Cascade Pressing in Portland, OR.

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Pressing vinyl records since the s, Disc Makers 12 inch and 7 inch custom vinyl records and record jackets are manufactured in the USA, using Hamilton. Not all records are created equal. Our mission is to produce the highest quality vinyl records possible from both a sonic and aesthetic perspective at a fair price; . Made in the U.S.A. since electro-plating, printing, and automated and manual record pressing. One-stop shop vinyl record manufacturing services.

Unlike a CD – which, while a remarkable piece of technology in its own right, can hardly be called charming – a well-made vinyl record is a. Lathe cut records are the best option for quantities between It's never been easier to get your music cut to vinyl without over ordering what you We created some options based on what most customers want, but if you're looking for a. I've loved vinyl for as long as I can remember, but I never knew exactly how records were made. Until now.

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A phonograph record is an analog sound storage medium in the form of a flat Original master discs are created by lathe-cutting: a lathe is used to cut a modulated groove into a blank record. The blank records for. The success of the gramophone to play recorded sounds was dependent on the ability to mass produce records. The process of making records has its roots in. While 8-tracks and cassettes are as relevent to the digital world as wax cylinders, the vinyl LP is still being steadily produced and collected. For this first Sounds et al blog, we're going to describe, step-by-step, how a vinyl record is made – running through the process of manufacturing a finished. Dublin Vinyl is a brand new, state-of-the-art record pressing plant based in Glasnevin, We're proud to be manufacturing some of the best quality vinyl records on the . Through their WarmTone™ presses they have made this process faster. Everything you wanted to know about how vinyl records are made but were afraid to ask. A detailed look at the beautiful and violent process that goes into. American-made wax ready in 7 weeks. Get pricing. Get timeless quality with custom vinyl pressing. It's no mystery why vinyl records have endured the test of time. Exploring the world of vinyl record pressing which boomed in the s. Vintage images show the work done by men and women in the. Cutting Room. From the supplied master tape or high-resolution digital files we make a cut in the cutting room. The audio is being cut on a cutting lathe in a. Yes, and more every year. While cassette sales are effectively dead, CD sales are declining rapidly, SACD and DVD-A sales have almost.