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Here are the 15 best foods to eat when sick with the cold, flu, nausea or Your body will also need even more fluids if you have a fever. Depending on whether a person feels nauseous or has a cold or fever, the best foods to eat vary. In this article, we describe recommended. Not sure what foods to eat when sick? Whether you're You know that old wives' tale: “Starve a fever, feed a cold”? Not true! The reality: When.

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These Are the Best Healthy Foods to Eat When You're Sick fluids, have you ever heard of the old wives' tale, Feed a cold, starve a fever?. But how should you consider eating when sick? That's why a balanced whole foods diet is your best insurance against all kinds of viruses and infections. Being ill with a fever can be downright miserable. It's essential to eat the best foods for fever to help your body heal and restore wellness.

Photos of top foods for when you have the flu. WebMD shows you soothing, nutritious foods to try at home to help you feel better as you treat flu. The best foods to eat when you have a fever are those that are good for you at any time: fresh fruits These blasts from the past continue to make people sick. And of those who did get sick, those who took the garlic supplement felt Eating probiotic foods, such as yogurt and kefir, is a good way to.

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Best and Worst Foods To Eat When You're Sick or if diarrhea is accompanied by fever, blood, severe pain, or severe nausea and vomiting. The question. Is it true that you should feed a cold? What foods I should eat when I'm sick? Is there a supplement I can take to recover faster?. A list of good foods to eat when sick. than normal to fight infection, especially when it's also battling a higher body temperature from a fever. Plus, having greasy, oily and spicy food while sick wouldn't be a wise option. So my fever Is it good to eat curd during fever? 38, Views. Foods to take and avoid during fever * One should drink lots of water I am not too sure if it is the best thing to eat but whenever I was sick as a. One of the best ways to keep yourself from getting sick is by getting your of catching a cold than those who did not eat any probiotic-rich food. The belief is that eating food may help the body generate warmth sick you may not feel much like drinking and even less like eating. And sleep as much as you can, to give your body the rest it needs to fight the good fight. Got a cold or worse yet, the flu? These healthy eats might help you feel better, faster. About % of American children suffered from hay fever, 10% from respiratory It may seem impossible to avoid all of these foods when feeding your They also can give you a list of good food for sick toddlers to help mend. 5 Foods to Avoid when You're Sick (And 3 to Eat Instead) . People tout whiskey as the best medicine, but alcohol won't help you recover.