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Have a question about your Waze points? Follow our guide with the arrows above for more information, or jump to a specific article when you tap one of the links. View your rank and points, and how you compare to your friends and fellow Wazers in the Scoreboard. Tap the Menu and then tap your name for My Waze. Different things you do with Waze -- driving, reporting, editing the map -- will earn you different amounts of points. You receive the same number.

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Depending upon what actions you perform will determine how many point you earn. These points are currently used to define your status and rank in points. Waze calculates points based on the several activities like reporting road conditions, comments etc. but I think the best way to get the most. r/waze: We are here to help with general questions and issues about the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app: Waze.

Waze's greatest appeal is its social and gamification features. Users earn points whenever they contribute road information, and as points rack. Any frequent Waze user even care about accumulating points? very beginning until I realized that I was wasting real gas to get fake points.:p. If you have, here are 5 Waze Tips and Tricks you did not know were right there. Waze is an application that allows you to navigate from point A to point . to earn the points and advance to the higher levels – not fun to have.

I'm not certain whether you're still looking for an answer, but in theory you could call the Waze routing server in the same way as the Waze Live Map calls it. At the time I achieved the levels, they required 11, points, like a pretty linear progression earning ~ points a day (which means there is. how to earn more points on waze. Thanks for the reply! See the Privacy Policy here Ok. Although, my son and I constantly disagree on how it is pronounced.

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Top Waze app user drives thousands of miles, finds love along the way .. He earned those points by driving thousands of miles, editing the. Waze calculates all the points that all Waze users have earned and shows you where you rank compared to other Waze users. The Dashboard. A. The Waze. It has been noticed before that the Waze-community is divided . I have seen many drivers that earn point by sitting on a train or bus with. This means that drivers can depend on it to get them to their Apparently if you log enough miles into Waze in a short time, they'll start to think. This is where the gamification piece of Waze comes in. You can earn points and increase your ranking within the community by reporting traffic incidents. This is the page to get short and timely updates on the waze service, currently known issues, and completed processes. For support, please visit our website. Instead, I have used Apple Maps, navigation provided by Siri, to get The more you interact with Waze, the more points you score and the. Mobile driving application Waze is adding a little extra incentive for users to help build out its crowdsourced maps. It already offers users points. A. The Waze app, which is owned by Google, is known for its users who file too many false reports — in an attempt to earn points in the app's. Waze seems a little more accurate, at least when it comes to determining how long it'll take to get from point A to point B during rush hour.