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Online Discussions: An Overview, General information about the Blackboard Discussions Editing and Deleting Discussion Posts, How to edit and delete your. You can edit or delete your discussion posts. If you delete your response or initial post with replies. To Delete Old Posts: Enter Blackboard and open the course. Edit Mode - On. Open the Discussion Board. Find a Forum that has posts. Open the forum. Click the.

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By default, the discussion board forums don't permit students to edit or delete their own posts. The ability to delete or edit your. If those are not enabled, then you can neither delete nor edit posts. If enabled, then the drop-down menu on the thread name will display an open command for . Blackboard – How to Add, Edit, and Delete Discussion Board Threads. Center for Type the text of the posting to the forum in the Message text area. 6.

You can delete forums and threads that are no longer used. When a forum or thread is removed, all content and grades are permanently deleted. For example . Please note: Due to continual Blackboard updates, you may notice slight differences in color theme Q: How do I delete a student submission in Assignments?. Deleting a thread will remove it from your forum entirely. Remember that once a thread is deleted, you are not able to un-delete it! To delete a thread while you're .

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The Liberty University IT HelpDesk is unable to modify or remove posts from the Blackboard discussion board. It is recommended that students type their post in. In some circumstances you may need to delete or edit inappropriate student threads or posts. Depending on the settings chosen when you set. Clean Old Discussion Board PostsDelete Old Student Threads from Course CopyIf you used the first option [Include starter posts for each thread in each forum. Log into your Blackboard course and click on the Discussion Board link . Only posts with no replies allows students to delete posts that users. Blackboard Learn: Discussion Boards Log in to Blackboard. 2. Enter the posts. b. Allow Author to delete own posts. c. Allow author to Edit. If your instructor allows, you can edit and delete your own discussion posts. If the edit or delete option does not appear, your instructor has. Users will also notice that a summary read out (2) of Total Posts, Unread . The Remove button will delete the forum and any messages contained within it. Students are not able to delete or edit submitted Discussion entries. If you post something by accident or multiple times, contact your Instructor. Students can edit and delete their own discussion board post or thread only if the instructor has enabled those settings. next slide). (from Blackboard Manual) ability to edit, delete, and lock posts. On the Discussion Board page you can view the Total Posts, Unread. Posts.