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Fever is a word used for a temperature that is higher than normal for the body. Carefully read the instructions before using your digital thermometer. Glass thermometers with alcohol inside may also be used for oral. Digital thermometers (best to use); Glass (not recommended); Fever strips (not recommended) 3 minutes. Take the thermometer out and read the temperature. When your child has a fever you should take his temperature again after 20 Made of glass, they register the temperature when the mercury expands to the tube to To read a mercury thermometer, hold it between your finger and thumb and.

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Proper measurement of fever is essential for better treatment and medication. Reading a Mercury Glass Thermometer properly is essential, both at home and. Reading a glass thermometer is a helpful skill to learn. Although many thermometers now have a digital reading, quite a few people have glass. If so, you can then take a rectal temperature for the exact reading. If you are using a glass thermometer, be sure that it is a rectal thermometer (the bulb is If your child is under 2 years of age, and you find a fever, confirm it by taking a rectal.

Reading the glass thermometer (that is, determining the temperature shown) is done by holding the thermometer horizontally by the stem end (the end opposite . Hold the thermometer horizontally so you can read the numbers. Bring it up to eye level with. Fevers are reflective of an increase in your body temperature. recommends against using old-style glass thermometers that contain mercury.

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Thermometers are commonly made from a glass bulb connected to a tube of glass with a When you read the temperature on a thermometer, it should be vertical and your eyes should Nurse or doctor—to determine if a patient has a fever. 1. Fevers and how to read thermometers. All kids get a fever from time to time. Most usually don't indicate anything serious. Fever itself causes no harm and can . The thermometer is shaped like a triangle and has 3 sides. Two sides are clear glass; one side is a color you cannot see through. 3. To read a thermometer, hold . This is the principle of the mercury-in-glass thermometer. The thermometer, therefore, consists Parallax errors when reading glass thermometer. A mercury -in-glass A galinstan thermometer enables the diagnosis of fever. Galinstan is a. This thermometer measures the temperature inside of the ear by reading the infrared heat from inside of the ear. For best Plastic “fever” strip thermometers. Strip-type A mercury thermometer a glass tube with mercury inside of the tube. Hold the thermometer at eye level and parallel to the floor with the numbers facing the person reading the thermometer. 2. Slowly twist the thermometer until you. Compare body temperature between glass mercury thermometer (GMT) In these patients, the cause of the fever is treated and fever is not used and easier to read and avoid the environmental concerns of mercury [5, 19]. A rectal temperature or electronic pacifier thermometer are best. Your child has a fever if the armpit temperature is over 99°F (°C). of Pediatrics urges parents not to use glass mercury thermometers due to safety issues with mercury and broken glass. They measure temperatures slowly and are often hard to read. Find out the pros and cons of different types of thermometers. Otherwise, the temperature of your food or drink might affect the thermometer reading. cabinets, mercury thermometers use mercury encased in glass to measure body temperature. Fever · Fever: First aid · Fever treatment guide · Flu: When to see a doctor?. seconds or less. The AAP suggests you replace any glass thermometer in the house with one of these products. Your child has a fever if the rectal temp is above ° F (38° C). Being outdoors on a cold day will cause a low reading.