How to take your phone underwater

As soon as your phone goes underwater, its touch screen will be useless. Open the camera app before your dive and take photos by clicking the + and – volume . There are smartphone cases designed to protect your phone underwater and let you take photos and video while you're in water, no matter what you're doing. If you do want to take your phone underwater with you, NeverWet is a similar product to Liquipel that will allow you to submerge your phone.

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A good digital camera and it’s casing is required if you want to take up underwater photography seriously. But for once-in-a-while chance of shooting. How can I shoot a video underwater using your smart phone? I want to take underwater pictures and videos with my iPhone 8 Plus. Do you. If you have ever checked out prices for underwater housings for your DSLR, you If taking high-resolution slow-motion video is an option on your cell phone.

When you're fully submerged in the water and your phone is outfitted with. Here's an off-the-wall idea for you: Take your phone into the ocean. on the shutter as I put the camera underwater and hoping for the best. Read the latest from Hitcase on how you can take the perfect underwater pictures The SHIELD is a metal iPhone case that will maintain your phone's integrity.

how to take underwater photos with phone

I've done this before simply by taking two ziplock/sandwich bags, one Note that if you drop your phone, it will sink - your phone is heavier. What's even better is that you can actually use your phone while underwater with them. They are transparent, so you can operate the. The ProShot Case allows you to use your phone's camera underwater. When you're underwater, it will be hard for you to use the touchscreen of your phone. However, you can use the volume keys to take photos. If the thought of taking your very expensive phone underwater makes you nervous, don't be. ProShotCase has a rigorous warranty and. MoKo Waterproof Phone Pouch, Underwater Waterproof CellPhone Case Galaxy S10/S9/S8 Plus, S10 e, S7 edge, Black: Cell Phones & Accessories. and anyone who wants to take some awesome underwater photos/video. Buy products related to waterproof cell phone products and see what The battery life is official I get about two days out of it with constant use. . Mpow Waterproof Phone Pouch Floating, IPX8 Universal Waterproof Case Underwater Dry. Learn what iPhone snorkeling housing case is best and how to get good pictures and videos with your phone underwater. The Underwater Photographer of the Year awards resulted in some incredible entries – but you don't need to spend thousands on fancy. they perform. Gulp.. it's time to take our beloved phone underwater. The photos you see above were shot straight from the housing with no lens or strobes .