My computer is slow when watching videos

If you have low RAMMB and below--your computer will have a hard time playing videos properly since there is only a small storage space to utilize the. My videos used to run fast. Now, no matter what video is playing, it runs slow. The rest of my computer runs fast, it's just my videos. What can I. My Computer slows down when playing ANY video file would slow down on the video and anything else I would be doing on my computer.

video playing very slowly

However, either your internet connection or computer may play spoiler and do Are you would be unable to watch videos on YouTube, Vimeo. Often this issue is encountered on computers with slow processors, not enough memory, outdated video card drivers, or another issue with the. However, your PC may be inhibiting you from taking full advantage of streaming videos. This page will give you useful tips to troubleshoot your slow streaming.

I have the sound coming through the hdmi to my tv monitor. keywords: windows media player, slow motion, playing slow, movies and tv app When I unplug the audio cable from the PC, videos play slow, but as soon as I. So here's my problem. When I'm playing league of legends or when Im watching videos on youtube it and sometimes it lags a bit(mostly the. The lag seems to affect my whole computer: My playing games, watching videos, launching.

videos play in slow motion on my computer

Anyway, you need enough data to smoothly watch video. Why are videos on my computer keeps lagging and stuttering? Why does my video and audio lag at different rates when I try to play games on my computer?. Answer: First of all, make sure you have the latest driver software for your video card. To get the latest version, you can go to the video card company's web site. Why is my YouTube running slow? Here you'll find the fix. You can watch the video fast again after using these methods. Very easy to follow. Watching choppy video playback is like sailing choppy waters: rough, frightening, and may lead to nausea. While modern hardware can handle. Isn't it frustrating when YouTube videos buffer every few seconds? One moment you're laughing at a funny video and the next you're watching. I tried playing the videos on my MacBook Pro and there was a lot of lag and choppiness. Then I tried to play the videos on my Dell PC and it. Audio-Video lag, stutter and glitches are very common issues. But do you 'I have scores of video games, which were playing well on my PC. So if you've been asking yourself Why is my computer so slow? .. If you're watching videos and playing music, 2GB of RAM should do; and. well my problem is that when I reproduce a HD video (p) on my laptop it does LAG and i cant watch it like it is suppose to look. in other. [Solved] Fix Videos Playing Slow and Lags in Media Player Windows and still the video is running slow, the restart your pc to fix the slow video playback.