Truck sputters when cold

My car sputters when cold but idles smoothly after warmup - Chevrolet Express My starts to sputter a little when it is cold after startup and then runs smooth after it warms up. Beyond the MAF sensor, in most cases, an engine that stumbles when it’s cold is caused by. L Power Stroke Diesel - F, F pickup and F+ Cab Chassis, - Excursion and - van. the engine is skipping and sputtering when its cold and try to accelerate, after driving for about miles and it develops some heat this condition goes away. yesterday i didn't let my truck warm up very long and when i took off, i started slow and then it started to sputter of about 5 seconds and then.

car sputtering when warm

On a Mitsubishi, it would be either a failed Idle Air Controller, or the Base Idle Set Screw has backed out and needs to be reset (and sealed into. I have a Chevy k L when it is cold outside truck does not runs well, spits and sputters until it gets to operating temp and then. Car sputters when cold, then stops when warm. - posted in Virtual Mechanic: My 88 Starion doesn't run well when it's cold. However when it.

My father's Chevy Venture (L) has been stalling/sputtering when its cold, or when you come to a stop too fast at the lights. Check. SOHC - L & L Lima Engines - sputtering when cold - I have a ranger 4cyl odd about ranger problem-- if I stay under rpms the truck runs FINE. Engine Sputtering when cold The - GMT Chevy & GMC Pickups Message Board.

I'm trying to help a buddy out with his car and I'm kind of stumped. Here's what happens: On a cold start it cranks longer than it should need to and then sputters . The Truck Runs and drives fantastic and has power However i have noticed that when its cold in the morning it will start with no problem idles. I don't get sputtering, nor the rpm drop, but I hate cold morning starts because the car does seem to thud a bit every now and then (which feels.

Ford Powerstroke L - HELP truck sputters with cold start and has very low power - I recently bought a F Lariat with an Lately when I start my hoe it seems like the engine stutters. It stops after the engine warms up. But it seems like the longer it sits or the colder it. ok the problem: EVERY time i start the truck from cold within 5 minutes, If I am quick and blip the throttle while it's sputtering, then it will be ok. I have a dodge ram and it idles rough and sputters out. When I unplug the map and tps sensors it runs great. I plug map and tps. 24 Valve Engine and Drivetrain - cold weather sputtering - was up near the canadian border this past weekend at my girlfriends college temp. The engine is a 22RE and has miles. I changed the plugs and wires in the spring but didnt have any problems until cold fall days. The. This only happens when the truck sits for 6 to 8 hours. the choke mode. it then drops to around rpms 3 seconds later it sputters and almost. This would also happen on cold winter days. The truck would start normally (cold start) but if I turned off the engine after it had run for only about. This truck has a good motor but it lacks power all the time not like barely Now when its cold it runs really rough coughing and sputtering. For most of the summer now, when I go out in the morning or any other part of the day and start the truck, it sputters and blows white smoke for.