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Thinking of moving to Australia but can't decide where? We've compiled a list of the best places to live in Australia as an American expat. Our guide is dedicated to helping you decide where to live in Australia based on factors such as location, work opportunities and cost of living. Best places to live in Australia Are you thinking of migrating to Australia and trying to figure out where to live? Our city guide will get you started on.

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Our guide is dedicated to helping you decide where to live in Australia based on location, work opportunities, cost of living at more. Deciding where to live in Australia is quite a feat given the plethora of outstanding cities to pick from. This guide breaks down the pros and cons. Sure, compared to both the UK and the USA, the cost of living in Australia is extremely high, but we think it's worth every pretty penny.

Choosing where you want to live in Australia is not straightforward. Australia is a big place, as if you didn't know. Australia has big cities, it has small towns. Answer 1 of 7: My wife and I are interested in retiring to Australia next year when I am We have been visiting and travelling Aus for many years, however. As an American living in Australia, there are a few things you quickly realize: 1) nobody drinks Foster's, they drink VB. 2) Vegemite sucks, meat.

Australia costs $ per month to live and work remotely. Australia cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics as a place to work remotely for. Fantasizing about moving to Australia? Find out where you'd fare best by taking this quiz! Take the quiz. Thinking about moving to Australia? Here are the 7 best cities to live in Australia for foreigners and expats looking to live life down under. 7 best Cities to Live in Australia Australia the land down under is always known for being one of the best tourist destinations of the w. Australia is perhaps the most unique continent and country on planet Earth, with its immensely indigenous population and eco-system, stemming back to tens of. From tropical North Queensland to frosty Tasmania, discover the seven cities where you can shake off Australia's cost of living crunch. Living in Australia: Learn about the cities, salaries, finding work, tax, buying a house, buying a car, shopping, pensions, and more. And consider driving to work . They all have their cons and pros. Here is a rundown of what I think with the bad stuff gotten out of the way first. Sydney: Cons 1. Totally insane. That depends on what you want in your city. Sydney cons: 1. Insanely expensive housing and rent prices. The most expensive in Australia. 2. From scenic outback towns like Alice Springs to breathtaking coastal areas like Hervey Bay, read about the best towns in Australia that are the best places to .