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Fuldanquin Borusa (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen) was a notable and ultimately tragic figure in the history of the Time Lords of Gallifrey, and a very. Borusa is a Time Lord and the main antagonist of the Doctor Who 20th anniversary episode The Five Doctors, who had already appeared in three previous. An der Akademie der Time Lords war er ein Lehrer des Doctors und des Masters. Borusa war es auch, der den abtrünnigen Time Lord Magnus, besser bekannt.

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Borusa is a fictional character in the series Doctor Who. Within the context of the series, Borusa is a former teacher of the Doctor who appears in four serials. Castellan, in the context of the BBC television series Doctor Who, is a title adopted by one or Locating Borusa, the Castellan finds the Doctor with him. Borusa has been known to the Doctor by many faces on his ascent to the highest office of Gallifrey – the presidency, having regenerated a number of times and.

Borusa was a notable and ultimately tragic figure in the history of the Time Lords of Gallifrey, and a very important figure in the life of the Doctor. Rassilon: Others have claimed immortality throughout the ages. It was given to them as it shall be given to you. Your place is prepared, Lord President Borusa. Cardinal Borusa: Our story is going to be that the Master arrived in Gallifrey to assassinate the President, secretly. Before he could escape, Chancellor Goth.

Borusa Borusa was a Time Lord and a former teacher of the Doctor. He appeared in four serials: The Deadly Assassin, The Invasion of Time, Arc of Infinity and. Like a number of Time Lords, Borusa was not only a teacher and mentor to the Doctor at the Academy, but also his friend, which made his later choices all the. always were a difficult one to pin down, Doctor. Lord Rassilon will not be amused .' The Doctor ignored him. 'Borusa, I'm going to cut you free and take you with.

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the Doctor barked with delight. 'Oh look, it's Borusa!' He nudged the little man in the ribs. 'Keeping my seat warm for me, eh? Romana!' he cried jubilantly. Borusa was a notable figure in the history of the Time Lords. He was very important in the life of the Doctor and held various ranks among his people, from . B is for Borusa. One of the Doctor's tutors at Prydon Academy on Gallifrey. He didn't think the Doctor would ever amount to much, owing to his. Borusa. One of The Doctor's teachers at the Prydonian academy, Borusa was one of the few teachers The Doctor liked and respected. At various points in his life, he assumed the ranks of Lord President, Cardinal and (TV: The Invasion of Time) Borusa presided over the Doctor's expulsion from. This is the Time Lord collar worn by Angus MacKay as Cardinal Borusa in the Doctor Who classic The Deadly Assassin which starred Tom Baker as The. Doctor Who - Lord President Borusa Head Dress. Dr. Who. ♛Dr. Who Wizard Costume, Dr Who Costume, Doctor Who Costumes, Cool. More information. The Deadly Assassin ep The Doctor's former teacher Borusa thanks him for to assume that the Borusa of the Doctor's universe had a Katy Manning body. WETA Collectables Doctor Who President Borusa time lord head dress very rare. As a mysterious figure, later revealed (spoiler alert!) to be Lord High President Borusa, kidnaps Doctors One through Four from their respective eras, the Fifth.