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Parshat Balak. Guest Columnists: What Weekly Sermonette · Life's Passages · Inner Stream · Parshah Musings · Reflections on the Parshah · Parshah Moment. We will be offering weekly questions and concepts to help with your Torah study. Click on the Parsha Name in the second column below to view these. In this week's Torah portion, a king named Balak wanted to curse the Jewish people. Rabbi Shraga Simmons shares an inspiring insight from the weekly Torah portion. In this week's Torah portion, Bilaam's great praise for the Jewish people is found in the famous words that begin our.

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Discover valuable insights that emerge from each Torah portion. Aleph Beta's Understanding that, how does the purpos. More on This Week's Parsha. In this Torah portion, Balak, the king of Moab, asks Balaam to curse the Israelites after he sees them defeat Read more. This Week's Torah Portion (and previous weeks) is published in the Western Wall Heritage Foundation Website for you to read and enjoy! .

WEEKLY TORAH READINGS, This week's Torah, Haftarah, and Brit Parashat Balak (Devastator) Click on the Parashah name to read the summary. It is a custom among religious Jewish communities for a weekly Torah portion, popularly The weekly reading is pre-empted by a special reading on major religious holidays. The Saturday morning and holiday readings are followed by an. 3 days ago Weekly Torah readings (Parashat ha-Shavua) including verses for This week's Torah Portion is Parashat Balak (read in the Diaspora on

Times of Israel bloggers on the Torah reading, turning the text “around and around,” as the mishnah puts it, examining the “seventy faces of Torah” and bringing. It is a tree of life to all who grasp it, and whoever holds on to it is happy; its ways are ways of This Week's Torah Portion. Balak Torah Portion Calendar. prev. This engaging class on Jewish spirituality, ethics, and community is designed for the curious beginner. Individuals from all faith backgrounds are welcome.

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An introduction the weekly Torah readings in a Messianic Jewish context. Propel your Choose a Torah Portion below. Already available on larger screens. Weekly readings from the Torah, Prophets and Gospels, with commentary, summaries and audio service. Choose a Torah Portion below to read the text and listen to the audio. The portions below are Already available on larger screens. Check out this fun and quick summary of each week's parsha. . Parsha: Shemot (Exodus – ) Being on the Right Side of (Repeated) History Shemot שמות. Index of all Parsha Classes. View this week's Parsha >>. Genesis Bereishis · Noach · Lech Lecha Articles on Balak & The Three Weeks. The Fourth Patriarch. Weekly Torah portion or parsha (aka parshah) and holiday thoughts from to the Palm Parsha page so you can have your Palm Parsha with you on your PDA?. Why should a Parsha of the Torah be named after Balak, a wicked even the wicked on the day of evil”, on which the Alter Rebbe explains, “The wicked man. It's all there in this week's Torah reading: the day version of the human story, the breaking of the Tablets, Moses' heaven-shaking disputations with God, the. Summaries of each week's Torah portion, prepared by Dawn Mollenkopf. July 16 This week we leave Leviticus behind and move on to the book of Numbers. In this weeks parsha, Miketz, Pharaoh has two dreams that need interpreting. You remember that in last week's parsha, Joseph interpreted dreams for the chief . In this section you will find this week's parsha hashavua - weekly torah portion commentary - as well as podcasts, videos and links to posted on July 17,