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Some people find it easy to be assertive in a nice way, but most of us struggle to find a healthy alternative to being neither aggressive nor a doormat. Fortunately. Nice people sometimes have difficulty becoming more assertive. Whether it's due to fear, a lack of self-confidence, or simply not knowing some. Being assertive and knowing what you want is not the same as being We believe that kind of engagement is a service to our customers and.

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Lori Jewett of Between Us Girls wrote an excellent guest post on the Positivity Blog titled 5 Compelling Reasons to be More Assertive. I thought. Being assertive means being direct about what you need, want, feel or believe in a way that's respectful of the views of others. An assertive person expresses her thoughts and feelings in direct and you want, especially if being nice is one of your stronger qualities.

How to Be Assertive Without Being Arrogant. Assertiveness communicates your needs in a way that is fair to both yourself and to others. We always prefer nice people around. Yet, a nice person must be assertive in order not to be exploited. Assertiveness is the ability to express ourselves and. Is it unkind to be assertive? There is a difference between being assertive and being aggressive. We all have needs to be met. There is a time.

I've noticed something interesting over the last few months that society commonly thinks that “assertive” means “aggressive” which is simply. According to Signe Whitson, LSW, author of How to Be Angry: An Assertive Anger Expression Group Guide for Kids and Teens, passive aggression. Do people tell you you're “too nice“? Or maybe you know you are, and you feel that people walk all over you. Whatever the case may be, here.

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I'd rather be nice to everyone all the time. But being assertive and disagreeable is often unavoidable and absolutely necessary to get where you want in life. Tips on how to be assertive and not a pushover. Nice Guys take a passive approach to life and relationships. Instead of standing up for. Being assertive, or knowing how to assert yourself in a world that rewards bullies, can make the difference between a happy life and a. This artilcle identifies 12 things that an assertive person should be able to do. He told me that while I was a nice person, I could do with improving my ability to. Being nice is important, after all bees naturally gravitate towards honey ;). “8 Simple Tips For Being Nice, Assertive & Negotiating” is published. Out of context at least, assertiveness is always a good thing. And being seen this way—not as assertive, but as self-righteously defensive—is precisely what I have in mind when I .. How to assert yourself in a nice way. Being assertive about your needs, wants, and rights is important; and,; Being kind , polite and respectful is one of the best ways to deal with. How do I find the balance between being kind and nice and being assertive? Gwen's Answer: There is no need to feel these need to be balanced because you . you might say, 'That's so kind of you to remember that he's on his own Just because you know how to be assertive doesn't mean you need to. Assertiveness is the ability to speak up for yourself in a way that is honest and respectful. But it doesn't come naturally to everyone. Find out if you're too passive .