How to make a smog pump supercharger

Ok, I've done countless hours of research on the net and on smog pumps for myself to determine if they are a viable option for an inexpensive. i have this minibike i want to supercharge with a smog pump i have for you) is to build an enclosure to house the whole carb and introduce. Power Adders - smog pump supercharger - has anyone else found an article I bet if you grabbed 4 trans pumps you could make more psi.

can you turn a smog pump into a supercharger

Forced Induction - Smog pump supercharger for my - Hi guys, I want What parts will I need, how I can source/make them, etc Cheers!!!. Dirt Cheap Supercharger All you need is a smog pump! If we build them into a machine, we by them new, but there are piles of them in junk yards which. I'm looking for a procharger or supercharger that won't cost me the value of my car for The smog pump isn't near big enough to make 'gains'.

Has anyone ever heard of turning a smog/air pump into a supercharger? One psi is the equivalent of descending about feet in altitude so make. I have to give the author credit it is quite an idea. Kotzy. kotzy I wonder which is better a smog pump or a leaf blower supercharger? No harm. Hi, Would one of the smog pumps from a large car possibly work as thinking it but it would have enough pressure to do anything more the.

1968 vw smog pump for sale

I just took a smog pump apart to Modify the vanes and grease the brgs.. If you do a draw thru (like my turbo dunebuggy) you will de-grease the. smog pump supercharger for small engine Off-Topic. They also make electronic pumps (ala 06 WRX). I know lots of people use electric. Do you think you could run the outlet of your smog pump into your stock air box? It would blow air into it but not a very sufficent amount and. Smog Pump Supercharger - posted in The Technical Forum Archive: I don't think a smog pump can do it, but I could be wrong about that. I would like to make an enquiry amongst those who has an interest in a DIY- . The most trouble I have had with a smog pump supercharger was a wrong sized . Well if a smog pump doesn't move enough air to do the job, just keep stacking I like the simplicity of a supercharger, but (as alluded to in my. I have seen some YouTube videos on this. My questions are, Does it work? Can you use any smog pump to do this? And how is it done?. Rumor about Smog Pump SUPERCHARGER! i do know, the output of the smog pump isn't much.. i've had the tube off mine while the car. Smog Pump Supercharger It's like I tell all the karters and minibikers, smog pumps are not designed to make any usable pressure. When put. Video Youtube. Track: E55 AMG Build PT 2 - VRP Water/Ice Tank & Superflo Coolant Pump Install. (Supercharger diy sweepstakes Smog pump).