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So, you want to start a craft blog (or some sort of creative blog)? Welcome! Think about your niche, and who you want to write for as you're brainstorming. The other day a new craft blogger said to me, Only a handful of approach would be to write a post that essentially says, “Look what I made!. Once you've started a craft blog, there are a few simple things you you can write several posts and schedule them to publish during the week.

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So you've decided to start a blog to talk about your art, craft, handmade business things you love to make. You know you need to write regularly (all the great. Blogging can be a great tool for any craft business, no matter how big or . bloggers that you really admire to write guest posts for your blog. Learn how to set up your own craft blog in minutes with just 4 easy steps! Write about that, something you love that you can write about over and over again.

Write Well; Know SEO; Use Quality Photos; Have a Content Sharing Below you will find 6 tips specific to creating a stellar DIY/Craft Blog. Forget craft shows and Etsy learn how this craft blogger makes six figures a year with her craft blog, all without selling a single physical craft. This will help you write posts that are relevant to your creative blog and its niche audience, but ones that will also drive organic traffic.

If approached correctly, your blog can build trust, demonstrate expertise and express your personality. Sure, write in your sweatpants, but keep your topics and. Meet 5 Top Craft Bloggers Who Turned Their Hobbies Into Blogging excel at a particular craft, but then have the energy, the writing skills, and. Writing the blog post before the headline. Follow these 8 rules to craft your killer.

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Need some inspiration for what to write about on your blog? Here are Be Resourceful: Share your favorite places online to learn things related to your craft . To kick off this series I want to suggest 10 points to pause at when writing a post on your blog. I'll include a link to each post that follows in this. The best writing blogs are dedicated to providing you with the essentials so you can improve your writing and master the craft altogether!. Looking for some creative inspiration? We look at the best craft blogs to get you started on your next DIY project, whether its sewing a quilt or., a blog by novelist, script editor, and blogger Lucy V. Hay. The tagline says, “Writing craft tips for screenwriters and novelists,”. I've been able to write hundreds of blog posts that have helped To Start Writing; Fleshing Out Your First Blog Post; How To Craft Blog Titles. It generally includes a step-by-step procedure for creating the craft, pictures or Follow these guidelines for how to write a craft tutorial. 04/23/3-tips-for-better-tutorial-writing-on-your-craft-blog/. To craft the perfect blog post – one that both humans and search engines will love – you need several of the right key ingredients. A pinch of a. While writing for your blog, you need to keep two audiences in mind: your readers who already know and love you, and search engines who will help direct more. Crafting a content strategy? Here are 25 of the top DIY craft blogs that use content marketing to cash in on the demand for crafty ideas.