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The issue of fake Indian currency is a huge problem that's been growing in recent years. But how do you spot fake notes? Find out in this article. India Business News: Most of us might have put the rupee notes against light to check whether the note is fake or not. Do you really think. Home >> Announcements - Currency Note Posters. Rs Rs Rs Rs Rs Rs Copyright © Reserve Bank of India. All rights reserved.

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Read on to find out what the RBI rules state regarding counterfeit currency and how you can identify such notes. At a bank counter: While. Fake bank notes are a big worry. In India currently there are 9 currency notes namely old Rs 10, new Rs 10, Rs 20, old Rs 50, new Rs 50, Rs. As most of us are not aware of the ways to identify a fake currency, the RBI has already notified a guideline to differentiate real banknotes from.

Indian Rupee Fake Note Check Guide - A versatile smartphone application based on the RBI directions that help an Indian currency user find out whether In a surprise move, India demonetized all and 1,rupee notes as of 9 12/11/ · How to identify fake Rs 2, currency notes from real ones Do not . A suspected forged note, counterfeit note or fake note is any note which does not Identify a forged note: You can identify a forged note if you are aware of the By raising public awareness on genuine Indian currency notes.

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Few ATMs have been found to be dispensing fake currency notes of out by the RBI to check if the Rs. note your ATM just dispensed is. How to check fake notes? What if you want to find out whether the note you have is real or fake!. Fake Indian Currency Note (FICN) is a term used by officials and media to refer to counterfeit currency notes circulated in the Indian economy. In , while. Fears of 'fake' new notes: Some quick ways to identify authenticity. Currency Exchange: How Easy or Difficult is it to Refuel Lakh ATMs Across India? The Rs 2, note is part of the Mahatma Gandhi (New) series, with a. RBI has released new notes post demonetisation and all the old currency Not many people know how to check if the note is authentic or fake. INR Fake Note Check Guide is a mobile application based on the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) directions that help an Indian currency user find out whether. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Fake Note Detector Machine for buying Automatic White Mx50i - India's Top Selling Intelligent Note Counter . Checks and identifies most vulnerable fakes which are difficult to detect. Here are 17 identification marks found on the new Rs note. counterfeiters are smuggling fake Rs notes to India via India's porous. The circulation of fake currency notes in India have increased and a RBI report says that around 4 lakh fake notes are found in the year Fake notes are . Thus it is imperative to be able to detect fake currency. We propose a new approach to detect fake Indian notes using their images. A currency image is.