How to move the cursor on iphone

Most people probably already know how to move the cursor on their iPhone or iPad. Traditionally, on any iPhone preceding the 6S, the only way to move your cursor’s insertion point is to use the magnifying glass. If you have an iPhone 6S or later with 3D Touch, then you’re in luck. The iPhone 'hack' has intrigued many Apple users. You're typing your message (or any text in an app) and you want to add or delete something. Here's how to easily get your cursor exactly where you want it.

how to move cursor on ipad

What do you do when you have a typo in a text you're writing? Do you delete the whole sentence? Tap, tap, tap to try to get the cursor the word. Precise text selection and editing is a breeze in iOS 12, no matter lets you turn your keyboard into a trackpad and move the cursor around. The keyboard on iPhone and iPad has plenty of cool features and one of Instead of tapping to move the cursor, you can swipe on the iPad.

The new trackpad in iOS 12 could help you edit your texts. After pressing, you can move the cursor around with some precision and ease. With iOS 12, Apple has brought this feature to all iPhone and iPad Rather than typing text, you are now directly moving the cursor position. This iPhone Trick Makes Moving The Cursor When Typing A Million Times Easier And People Are Shook. I was today years old when I found.

what is large cursor on iphone

On previous iPhones, if you turned the phone on it's side while the keyboard I see from post that you are wondering how to move your cursor. There's a trick in iOS for iPhones and iPads that lets you hold the keyboard into a cursor, which makes it easier to edit typos and move around. Ever since 3D Touch's introduction in iOS 9 for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, a little -known trick for moving the cursor around and selecting text. In theory, it should be easy to move the cursor in text on an iPad or iPhone—just tap where you want the cursor to go, or press and hold until t. What about using 2 fingers to move the cursor? This is Thanks. P.S. two fingers or double tap to spacebar does not work on iPhone XR. 6. A three-year-old iPhone function which was apparently largely wrote, alongside a screenshot of her iPhone's space bar moving the cursor. This is Apple's solution for the iPhone Xr. I think they couldn't do the full screen LCD and 3D Touch without it being as much as the Xs. Think thy. You've been moving your cursor the hard way. The Simple iPhone Cursor Hack That Will Make Texting Easier. BY Shaunacy Ferro. How come you guys never told me this iPhone trick? Previously, the only way to move the cursor so was to directly tap the place in the text. Picture this: you're writing out a long text on your iPhone and notice a couple of typos in the paragraph when you're finished. What do you do?.